Polyethylene film is manufactured from low- density polyethylene (LDPE) by extrusion. In stock we have film with a thickness from 30 to 200

Stretch film is used for palletizing of cargos and packaging of various goods. It has good extensibility – up to 6 times due to application of a

Polyethylene film for construction.

Film is made of secondary recycled LD polyethylene, whereby its price is rather attractive.

Film for greenhouses made of LD polyethylene with addition of a light stabilizer, whereby the film may have a lifespan of up to 4 years.

Heat-shrink plastic film

Heat-shrink film is manufactured of LDPE of heat shrinkable labels. It has adjustable shrinkage ratio and is

Polyethylene film made of fresh LDPE

Polyethylene film for greenhouses is made of different types of LD polyethylene. As a rule this film is produced in the form of a sleeve, or a

Our company is able to offer the widest range of films for agriculture and for agricultural complex in general, starting from one-year films and

Performance specifications of film made of secondary raw materials are close to specifications of film made of fresh raw materials, but secondary

This is a film made from raw beads of secondary polyethylene. Its price is lower than the price of the primary film. It is possible to produce

It is the LDPE film with addition of the dye. The black colorant has light-stabilization properties. This type of film may be produced both from

Films for mulching are mainly made from the primary high-pressure polyethylene with the use of a dye and light-stabilizing additive, which

Our company produces polyethylene films in the form of blankets, sleeves, half-sleeves with and without application of images, both from primary

We produce industrial polyethylene film. It is possible to produce this type of film from raw beads of different grades with the use of various

We produce colored polyethylene film on a by-order basis. Width of the roll, film thickness, color or shade – according to the customer’s

Due to tight fitting to the surface of the packaged product stretch film protects it from damages and prevents accidental loss of the component

Manufacture of stretch films with multiple layers improves their performance specifications. This saves raw materials in the production process


King Plast company produces and sells polyethylene film for construction at an affordable price. Construction film – it is a product obtained in the result of recycling of polyethylene, but its technical specifications are virtually identical to the first-grade polyethylene film – the difference lies only in terms of light transmission. Film for construction may be black, gray or other colors, but its cost is much lower. Construction film is not suitable only for covering of greenhouses, and in all other areas it is of high demand and may serve as a viable alternative to high-quality transparent films.

The main area of ​​application – construction sphere, here the film can be used as a vapor barrier, water-proof and heat-insulating material, and serve as a windscreen and diffuse membrane. In addition, construction film has such properties as elasticity, increased strength and resistance to mechanical impacts. A construction film is used in performance of foundation, roofing and facade works, as well as for covering of building materials and small objects. Wide temperature range at which the film can be operated construction is from -50 to + 60 ° C, allowing using it whatever weather conditions.

We produce construction film on our own modern equipment and due to this our products are distinguished with high quality and reasonable and affordable prices. We have many regular customers, and this is conditioned by the following advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • For production of construction film we use high-quality raw materials;
  • We produce and sell from stock only products of the highest quality;
  • We always adhere to the terms of completion of the order;
  • When ordering a large volume we offer a discount – its size in each case is considered individually;
  • At your request we will produce construction film in the form of a sleeve, a half-sleeve or a blanket;
  • We offer construction film at an affordable price.

You can place an order for production of construction film or purchase it from stock of our company when visiting our office. If you are time-limited, you may call us to arrange your visit at any convenient time.