Polypropylene bags with flap are usually made of polyethylene bi-oriented polypropylene with a thickness of 20-50 microns. These bags are used for

BMW – serial polyethylene bags.

BMW t-shirt bags are made from recycled materials in large printing runs. This makes them attractive in

Polyethylene t-shirt bags – Electronics.

Electronics – these are serial plastic bags made from HDPE – high density polyethylene. This is

Polypropylene bags with euro hang tab.

Bags are used for packaging of various products; they are absolutely transparent and have a good

Polypropylene bags with sticky tape have presentable appearance and are made of bi-oriented polypropylene.

Polyethylene bags for tires and wheels with printing.

Bags are used by tire shops and rubber sales organizations for packaging of both new

Bags for tires are repeatedly used for packaging of new and used wheels. A great way of advertising for tire shops and rubber sellers. 

Bags for tires are made from high-density polyethylene. It is possible to order bags of different sizes. We always have finished standard bags for

Zip-lock bags are made from low density polyethylene – LDPE. Presented in a very broad range of stock, various dimensions.

Zip-lock – these are polyethylene bags with a lock, used for packaging of different small products.

Bags with zip lock are made from LDPE with a standard thickness of 50 microns. We also produce bags of various sizes and thicknesses on a by-order

A bag with dinking handles without printing. Handle of the bag is strengthened, there is a bottom laying.

Bag material – LDPE (low density

Polyethylene bag without printing of logo.

Material – high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a thickness of 50 microns. Bag dimensions: 390*

Virtually any product may be packed in a bag with string lock (zip-lock), so as it is almost air-proof. Due to the design of the package lock, it

Пакеты полиэтиленовые майка Сансбери.

Часто используемый пакет небольшого размера. Производится из ПНД имеет хорошую

Plastic bags

Plastic bags