On the photo you can see our real own-produced polyethylene with a very good transparency. All of performance specifications of the raw materials


King Plast company produces up to 150 tons of granulated LD polyethylene per month. Polyethylene is manufactured on modern equipment produced in 2011. Performance specifications of our LDPE raw beads comply with all applicable standards and GOSTs in Ukraine. It is possible to extrude a film with a thickness of 20 microns from our secondary raw materials of the 1st grade. We divide our products into 3 grades. We pay a lot of attention to proper sorting of raw materials, and we get:

1st grade – absolutely transparent LDPE raw beads without contaminations. We can produce film, which is very close to the primary.

2nd grade – polyethylene with a slight gray shade without contaminations. Typical secondary raw beads for a film with a grayish shade or all sorts of mixes.

3rd grade – colored raw beads with small contaminations. Perfect for production of black and gray technical film with a thickness of 80 microns or more.